Robin Wood A — Firewood Shed

Being our smallest firewood shed, this little beauty still stores a generous amount of firewood. It is ideal for a small household or a holiday bach, and it’s low profile makes it well suited for storing against a fence without blocking the views.

Remember, we’re always quite happy to make small adjustments in size or style, usually at no extra cost. Just send us a message to discuss your requirements. You may be pleasantly surprised what we can do!


Footprint 2.9 m²
Volume 3.5 m³
Nominal Dimensions 1200mm x 2400mm x 1200-1400mm (approx. WxLxH)
Internal Dimensions 1170mm x 2340mm x 1170-1370mm (approx. WxLxH)
External Dimensions 1380mm x 2700mm x 1330-1530mm (approx. WxLxH)
Subfloor 100x100, RS, H4
Floor 140x30, GT, H3.2
Framing 140x45 & 90x45, MG, H3.2
Cladding 140x30, MG, H3.2
Roof Zincalume Corrugated Iron
Features Skid mounted, solid construction, easy to move around,..
Usage Wood shed, animal shelter, native plant nursery, ..
Delivery Depends on your location. Please contact us for a quote.
Price $ 990