Robin Wood C — Firewood and Tack Shed Combo

One of our customers asked us for a small shed that can season firewood, securely store tack and provides a place to dry out saddle blankets. So we came up with our first combo shed. It’s constructed of heavy timber to match the sturdiness of our other firewood sheds, but with an added section that is large enough for a few saddles, tack and horse feed.


Footprint 2.9 m²
Volume 5.5 m³
Nominal Dimensions 1200mm x 2400mm x 1200-1400mm
Internal Dimensions 1170mm x 2340mm x 1170-1370mm
External Dimensions 1380mm x 2700mm x 1330-1530mm
Subfloor 100x100, RS, H4
Floor 140x30, GT, H3.2 and 18mm plywood, H3.2
Framing 140x45 & 90x45, MG, H3.2
Cladding 140x30, MG, H3.2 and 12mm plywood, H3.2
Roof Zincalume Corrugated Iron
Features Skid mounted, solid construction, easy to move around, building paper, lockable, ..
Usage Wood shed, tack shed, native plant nursery, ..
Delivery Depends on your location. Please contact us for a quote.
Price $ 2,190